27 julio 2007


10 nicest things someone has ever done for me

I receive every week an invitation to write a list of ten "somethings". The theme varies quite a lot, and although it's been quite amusing to read other people's lists, I've never felt compelled to write my own. But with this week's theme it's different. Here it is:
  1. Taking me out for clothes shopping (I'm not one to spend long at the shops, but every now and then "retail therapy" can do wonders);
  2. Putting cream on my back when I had chickenpox;
  3. Cooking for me, doing my shopping and washing when I've been poorly (chickenpox and after my c-section)
  4. Offering to babysit Alexandra just to give me a break rather than because I needed to do something;
  5. Proofread my essays and improve my English along the way;
  6. Listening to my embarrasing secrets without judging me;
  7. Paying up my student debt;
  8. Praying for me and my family;
  9. Marrying me and ...
  10. Giving me the most wonderful child there is! (not too hard to think who did these last two)

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