14 noviembre 2007


Uneasy (or por qué no te callas?)

Reading the news from back home makes me uneasy. It's a feeling I have had for a long time, almost since I left, hence I tend to avoid getting too informed, getting too involved. "What's the use?", I tell to myself.
But some news are hard to ignore. This one is about Chavez's latest antics. Why is it that instead of focusing in earning respect at an international level, he tries to fight battles in the wrong arenas? Yes, it's true, he made his point, he told Zapatero, King Juan Carlos, and everyone really, about the Spanish government supporting the 2002 coup... however, even if it were true, he didn't do it in the right way so instead of earning respect from his audience, they despised him. He got told off. To shut up, like a schoolboy. Rightly? I think so, because even saying the truth (if it were so) has to be done diplomatically, he could have save himself some grace by using his time and his time only for saying what he had to say, and not behaving like a child.
King Juan Carlos shouldn't been childish either (telling him to shut up! and he left when Ortega supported Chavez during his intervention) but even that was seen in better light than interrupting.
And what did Aznar had to say? Oh well... he was above all this petty business, even with a smile on his face, probably satisfied that no one believed Chavez. Even more, he implied that this was just a sign of things getting out of hand back home.
Ho hum.
So, total backfire. Total backfire. There would be a slim chance of King Juan Carlos apologising at all.

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