17 septiembre 2006


Food poisoning

Last Friday food poisoning took us all by surprise. It was definitely a pre-stuffed chicken I bought and prepared for dinner on Thursday. The three of us were ill by it, first me from early hours of the morning, in which I had this horrible nausea and reflux which then turned in stomach upset.
I guess the hardest for me was feeling so ill and having to entertain Alexandra in the morning, but thankfully she was a total sweetie, behaving really well and playing happily next to me. I lied in her bed and at times she came over and climbed up and stroked my face, my little nurse!. I had to sing her a few nursery rhymes but that I could do while in her bed.
Then Andy fell by it in the afternoon, shortly after dropping Alexandra in the nursery. He went back to work only to have to come back an hour later with strong stomach cramps so he joined me in bed (ours, that is).
When it was time to pick Alexandra up from the nursery, the worst had gone for me but still was not feeling well, having not eaten at all since the night before. So our friend David took me there in his car. Kindly, he had offered to pick Alexandra up but I was well enough to go with him (maybe not to walk up in the way back pushing a pushchair).
Alexandra was well and happy but the next nappy I changed from her was a bit runny. During the weekend, all her nappies were runny, and one of them so watery that leaked out straight away from the nappy. This one was this morning. But she does not seem bothered by it, she's been as happy and energetic as usual. I'm keeping an eye of course, keeping her hydrated and all that, and will take her to the doctor tomorrow if the next nappy is still runny. Considering we are both well now, I think she will be able to get better without medication, but as I say, I'll keep an eye.
How to prevent it in future? All it's there in wikipedia !

12 septiembre 2006


Feliz cumple al tío

Te queremos muchísimo Berni!
Aquí te dejo unos recuerditos de momentos felices con tu sobrina!

05 septiembre 2006


Tobogán - Slide

When we went to Berlin we didn't just do the usual tourist stuff but also managed to visit a couple of parks. Here are the pics... and a video (put your speakers on)

En español
Cuando fuimos a Berlín no sólo hicimos el turismo habitual sino que también visitamos un par de parques. He aquí unas fotos... y un video (sube el volúmen).

04 septiembre 2006


Zapatos - Shoes

Alexandra is a proper girlie girl. She has got this fascination about shoes that goes beyond explanation. I don't have that many shoes myself and neither does Andy, so I've no idea where did she get this from. Ahhh... hang on! Her abuela, her grandmother from my side. That's where! Anyway, the point is that she loves shoes. When we were in Germany, she kept going to Ana's shoe rack...

... driving her crazy of course (as shown) because there were shoes everywhere ...

... but was respectful enough to not trying them on.

My shoes are another story. I run for the camera every time she puts them on, so she must think I'm proud (which I am). Even if she puts them on the wrong feet.

03 septiembre 2006


Feliz cumple Ana

Con cariño de nosotros tres. Qué rico fue visitarte, ojalá pronto nos veamos de nuevo.