31 julio 2007


Las vacaciones en Suiza

No había puesto fotos de las vacaciones en Suiza (de hace más de un mes) porque había dejado la cámara allá y Andy no había tenido tiempo de mandármelas. Sin embargo, en vez de mandarme unas poquitas, las publicó TODAS en un álbum, así que aprieta aquí y velas.

No sólo hay fotos de montañas nevadas y de los lugares más turísticos de Berna, como la fosa de los osos y la torre del reloj. La mayoría, te advierto, son fotos de nuestro día a día allá, con gatos, granja, columpios y etc. Ésta es una de mis favoritas...


The Swiss holiday

I hadn't posted any pictures of our short visit to Switzerland (a while ago now) because I had left the camera there and Andy hadn't had time to send them to me. However, instead of sending me a handful, Andy published them ALL in an album so you can go there and see them.

I know you expect to see lots of shots of snowy mountains, and there are some. Also you would expect some pictures of the most touristic places in Bern, such as the bears' pit and the clock tower but maybe I should warn you, most of the pictures are about our lives there, so there are many with the cats, at the farm, at the swings, etc)
This is one of my favourites...


10 countries I'd like to visit

Yes, OK, I'm getting hooked with this list making. Well, no. It is just that this week's topic is ALSO interesting. So, here is my list. Some places I'm curious about because of what I've read, some others I've been already and would love to be back to explore more, and finally, others are there because would love to visit people I miss who are there.
  1. Venezuela
  2. Switzerland
  3. Peru
  4. Brazil
  5. New Zealand
  6. Argentina
  7. Holland
  8. Italy
  9. Mexico
  10. Germany

27 julio 2007


10 nicest things someone has ever done for me

I receive every week an invitation to write a list of ten "somethings". The theme varies quite a lot, and although it's been quite amusing to read other people's lists, I've never felt compelled to write my own. But with this week's theme it's different. Here it is:
  1. Taking me out for clothes shopping (I'm not one to spend long at the shops, but every now and then "retail therapy" can do wonders);
  2. Putting cream on my back when I had chickenpox;
  3. Cooking for me, doing my shopping and washing when I've been poorly (chickenpox and after my c-section)
  4. Offering to babysit Alexandra just to give me a break rather than because I needed to do something;
  5. Proofread my essays and improve my English along the way;
  6. Listening to my embarrasing secrets without judging me;
  7. Paying up my student debt;
  8. Praying for me and my family;
  9. Marrying me and ...
  10. Giving me the most wonderful child there is! (not too hard to think who did these last two)